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December 24, 2014

12 Features of Christmas

The holidays are a time for giving, and in the spirit of Christmas we’ve been hard at work during the past 12 days with our 12 Features of Christmas, where we launched a new Bugsnag feature every day!

Here’s a round-up of the new features we launched:

Day 1: See code right in your stacktrace

We’ll now automatically display a snippet of the code affected by an error, right on your Bugsnag dashboard!

Day 2: Raw stacktrace display

You can now choose to see a raw, unstyled version of your stacktraces, making copying and pasting your code into a text editor or elsewhere super simple.

Day 3: Gmail action buttons

You’ll now see action buttons in the subject line of your Bugsnag notification emails in Gmail. You can click View on Bugsnag and navigate directly to the relevant error page in your dashboard.

Day 4: Deploy information for Every Error

You’ll now see information on the deploys an error first and last impacted, all clearly laid out in the left column of the error details page.

Day 5: Filter your search results

When searching for errors in Bugsnag, you can now filter your results by stage, severity, deploy, and more.

Day 6: Improved access to event history

You can now jump to a specific time in your live events view, making it easier to match log files and user reports to error activity in Bugsnag.

Day 7: Improved project email notifications

In your account settings, you can now indicate that you no longer wish to receive email notifications for newly created projects.

Day 8: Select all filtered errors

You can now use our select all feature to select every error which matches your current filters, making it easier to perform batch actions, such as resolving or archiving, for a large group of errors.

Day 9: Official support for .NET error monitoring

Bugsnag now officially provides automatic error monitoring on the .NET platform, including ASP.NET, WebAPI, WPF, and all other .NET apps.

Day 10: Mobile breadcrumb logging

You can now leave developer-defined log messages called “breadcrumbs” on Android to help understand exactly what was happening in your application in the time before each crash.

Day 11: Undo dashboard actions

This new feature allows you to undo any bulk actions you take in your dashboard, including archiving, resolving and deleting errors.

Day 12: Column selection on event lists

On your error details pages, and your live events view, you’ll now see an Events table that makes it easier to spot patterns and similarities in problematic code. You can now customize exactly which columns of data are displayed, including custom meta-data you are sending from your apps.


These features make Bugsnag much more powerful and easier to use. We hope you enjoy using them. Happy Holidays!

— The Bugsnag Team

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