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December 14, 2016

12 Features of Christmas - Get notified of error changes made by collaborators

On the third day of the 12 Features of Christmas, we’re bringing you improved workflow notifications. You can now get alerted when changes are made to errors by collaborators from your organization. This features gives you added visibility into how your application’s errors are being managed and the progress of bug fixes.

Collaborator fixed email alert

Stay updated on on your team’s bug fixing workflow

Monitoring application errors and surfacing detailed error reports is only the first step in error monitoring. In addition to visibility, Bugsnag works to help you and your team track and fix errors. Whether you manage bug fixes in a project management tool like JIRA, or use Bugsnag’s workflow, your tools will synchronize to give you a clear understanding of the progress of bug fixes. This is especially important for keeping your team on the same page about errors needing attention.

Collaborator snoozed Slack alert

Get alerts for error changes made by collaborators

We’ve improved visibility around your bug fixing workflow by introducing alerts that will notify everyone on your team when error status changes are made.

You can now get notified when another collaborator:

  • Marks an error Fixed
  • Reopens an error manually in the dashboard
  • Snoozes an error
  • Cancels Snooze on an error
  • Marks an error Ignored
  • Unignores an error
User workflow notifications

These notifications can be sent via email and all of Bugsnag’s communication plugins, like Slack and HipChat.

Turn on workflow alerts to stay updated on how your team is handling errors. You can take advantage of these notifications by turning them on in your Bugsnag settings for existing projects. They’ll be turned on by default for all new projects and for new integrations setup for existing projects.


We hope this feature will help improve your team’s bug fixing workflow. Stay tuned for the next 9 features of the 12 Features of Christmas.

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