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December 9, 2013

Announcing the Redesigned BugSnag Dashboard

Over the past few weeks, the BugSnag team has been hard at work designing and implementing a completely redesigned dashboard for you to use. We’re making the new dashboard available to all of our users today - you’ll see it the next time you log in.


list of errors
details of errors

We think the new design will provide you with the data you need to debug errors more efficiently than ever before. We’ve also introduced a number of new features that enable you to plan your work more efficiently.

14-day Error Trends

Get an immediate feel for the impact and progression of an error over the past 14 days directly from your BugSnag dashboard’s error list.

Interactive Error Charts

See the impact of an error over both the past 2 weeks, or drill down to better understand the past 24 hours.

Better Timestamps

We’ve improved the way we display timestamps across the site. Most time displays now allow you to see when each error occurred in your local time zone, simply by hovering your mouse over a timestamp.

Release Stage Breakdown

See a breakdown of exactly how many times each error occurred on a particular release stage (eg. development vs production).

We’d Love Your Feedback

Please get in contact with us via email to tell us what you think about the new dashboard, we’d love to hear your feedback.

Thanks to our beta customers that helped us iron out the quirks in the new dashboard.

Happy Holidays from Team BugSnag!

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