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December 16, 2016

12 Features of Christmas - Bookmark saved views of your errors

Our 5th feature in the 12 Features of Christmas introduces Bookmarks to deliver a customized view of your application errors.

Saving filters as a bookmark

Filtering errors (including updating event and users impacted counts)

One of the most powerful features in the Bugsnag dashboard is the ability to filter your error data to surface error subsets relevant to you.  With filters, you can easily find errors seen in the most recent version of your app, or all errors seen by a particular customer. On top of that, Bugsnag will also update the error event and user counts, so you can see how much impact an error is having, even when you’re drilled down to a specific subset of your data.

Bookmarks are customizable views into your errors

Starting today, your filter bar view can be saved and edited as a bookmark to save time while searching for errors which matter. Bookmarks are an evolution of our saved filters and are listed on the left hand side of your dashboard are accessible with one click.  To change the view of your dashboard, simply click on one of your saved filters and the filters will be applied.

Saved filters in sidebar

Using Bookmarks to save time viewing your error data

To bookmark a set of filters, click the star in the filter bar to save the view. You can also choose to set a bookmark as the default view for each project.

Edit bookmark

Bookmarks are especially convenient if you need to repeatedly look at the same view of error data. For example, if you are most concerned with the latest release, you can create a bookmark for the most recent release of your application.

To make the most of the filter bar, here are some quick suggestions on using filters. Happy 12 Features of Christmas!


This is one of the several releases focused on reducing error troubleshooting time. This week we also shipped first seen / last seen tooltips to quickly identify when an error first or last appeared.  Stay tuned for more…

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