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August 20, 2013

Bugsnag API Launch

Today we’re launching the first version of our new API!

The new Bugsnag API gives full read-write access to everything in your Bugsnag account so you can dig deep into your exception data.

Full access allows for powerful automation, including Project and User creation, which works great for companies with large teams and existing infrastructure. Since our API gives access to diagnostic data from each crash, it can also be used to automate data recovery or even to automatically contact all customers affected by a crash.

example of api call

We’re most excited about opening up our platform to developers, allowing people to build new ways to interact with Bugsnag such as mobile apps, status dashboards and more.

Check out the Bugsnag API Documentation to get started developing with our API.

Let us know if you build something cool using the API by tweeting @bugsnag or firing us an email to, and we’ll tweet about it!

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