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February 11, 2016

Plan bug fixes using BugSnag and MeisterTask

One of the many great things about Bugsnag is that it makes your error information actionable. When you identify a harmful bug in your application, you can send issues to your issue tracker ensuring you’ll remember to fix the error.

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Today we’re excited to share the Bugsnag MeisterTask integration which lets you create tasks in MeisterTask right from your Bugsnag Dashboard. MeisterTask is a project and task management tool that integrates with many of the apps you use every day, helping you automate your workflow and save time.

Tasks sent to MeisterTask from your Bugsnag Dashboard include added context that help you fix errors faster. Error status changes in Bugsnag, like when an error that was previously fixed reopens in a new application version, will appear in the corresponding task. As you and your team discuss potential fixes in comments, those will also appear in MeisterTask.

We hope the Bugsnag MeisterTask integration will help you level-up your team’s approach to error monitoring.

You can learn more about setting up this integration by visiting MeisterTask’s support documentation. For the latest from the Bugsnag team, follow us on Twitter.

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