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December 13, 2016

12 Features of Christmas - Bulk add collaborators to projects

It’s Day 2 of the 12 Features of Christmas, and we’re releasing a feature that’s been frequently requested by customers from larger organizations. You can now bulk add collaborators to your projects in Bugsnag, making it easier to manage permissions for your team.

The size of typical Bugsnag deployments continues to grow as we expand through more engineering teams, so we’re releasing features to make it easier to use Bugsnag at scale during the 12 Features of Christmas. Today’s release is the first of these.

Bulk adding collaborators

A more convenient way to manage collaborator permissions

You can create multiple projects in Bugsnag for your various applications - these projects are based on the language used to build the app. Separating projects out in this way allows you to take advantage of the most accurate error grouping and also language-specific features, like discarding errors from legacy browsers in JavaScript, or viewing manufacturer and model for Android.

The downside to this, historically, was the more projects and users you have, the more inconvenient it became to manage which collaborators had access to which projects.

But now, with the ability to bulk add collaborators to projects, this experience is significantly improved. Instead of manually adding collaborators one-by-one, you can manage them in bulk. You can add collaborators in your Bugsnag settings, and you’ll also see this as an option when creating a new project.

We hope you’ll try out the bulk adding collaborators feature, and find it helpful! Stay tuned on Twitter and our blog for the next 10 features.

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