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December 23, 2016

12 Features of Christmas - Compare application health metrics across all your projects

It’s the final day of the 12 Features of Christmas, and today’s release is the most significant change in our end-of-year sprint.

Today we’re introducing the compare projects page. Compare projects is a brand new page in Bugsnag that allows you to look across all of your projects to quickly evaluate which ones require your attention. You’re now able to compare projects by their crash rate over time, new crashes introduced, and the progress of your team’s bug fixing workflow.

Compare projects page

Get access to your compare projects page via the project selector menu.

Compare projects menu

Monitor application health problem areas

One of the challenges of monitoring application health is understanding which parts of your system have quality issues. The compare projects page helps you identify quality issues by surfacing scannable, key metrics across your entire application stack. It should give you a better understanding of your application’s overall health and help you decide where to focus attention.

  • Spot anomalies in your error rates, or error spikes, which can be indicators of an application’s declining stability and quality
  • Decide which areas of your stack need focused longer term attention

Create a baseline for acceptable application health, then optimize it

It can be difficult to make improvements to your application’s quality without an understanding of where you’re starting out. From the global project overview, you can compare your error rates day to day, or week to week, and over time, you’ll begin to define acceptable error levels.

Track your team’s bug fixing process

Another important aspect when it comes to your application’s health metrics is your team’s ability to move errors through a bug fixing process. This can also be particularly difficult if your issues and errors are scattered in various places.

The compare projects page can help you get a better understanding of the current state of your bug fixing workflow. From this view, you’ll see information about the number of errors in the Open and In progress workflow states which you can also compare day by day or week by week. This will identify bottlenecks and help your team moves towards resolution.


The compare projects page aims to give you a solid understanding of your entire system’s health, and can help you optimize your application’s quality over time. We have more ideas for this view so keep an eye out for future improvements.

And that’s a wrap on the 12 Features of Christmas! Thanks for keeping up with us during our end of year sprint. We hope these polishes and features will help you improve your bug fixing workflow and more easily identify production errors that need resolution. Happy holiday from the Bugsnag team!

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