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January 5, 2017

Features for debugging application errors - Workflow and collaboration

To end 2016 with a bang, we released the 12 Features of Christmas, a Bugsnag tradition where we ship the frequently requested features we didn’t have time to build during the year. We focused on two main areas with the features we shipped:

  • Error investigation - enhancing how you filter through error data to speed up identifying harmful bugs
  • Collaboration and debug workflow - making it easier and more convenient to work together on bug fixes

We hope our 12 new features help you improve your processes and workflow for production monitoring for application errors. This blog is about our work on debug workflow and collaboration. You can read our blog post about error investigation here.

Why collaboration and workflow matter to debugging

Monitoring for errors and deciding which to prioritize and fix is only one portion of the debugging process. Bugsnag also helps you track bug fixes through your workflow, and makes it easier to work together with your team. This way you can have a clear process for working on bug fixes and loop in your team members whenever you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. With a thoughtful debug workflow, you can make debugging application errors a simpler task.

4 new features to help with your debug workflow and collaborating with your team

Here are our latest features to help you optimize your debug workflow and collaborate more effectively with your team on bug fixes.

1. Manage application errors directly from Slack

Bugsnag workflow buttons in Slack help you move production errors through your bug fixing process, or take action to clear them from your Bugsnag inbox and notifications, all without leaving Slack. Take advantage of this integration to streamline your workflow and decrease context switching.

Slack workflow buttons

2. Collaborate with your team using @mentions in comments

You can now @mention other collaborators from your organization in comments on an error to help you collaborate on a fix. Debugging is often as much about your team as it is about the bug itself, so being able to loop in the right people easily can help you work together.

@Mentions in comments

3. Get workflow alerts on collaborator actions

You can now receive workflow alerts when changes are made to errors by collaborators from your organization. This feature gives you added visibility into the progress of bug fixes so you can stay updated on how your application’s errors are being managed.

4. Customize titles for issues created in Bugsnag

You can integrate Bugsnag with your issue tracker to help you better track bug fixes, and now you can also customize the issue title when you create it from your dashboard. This allows you to make issue titles more readable, and easier for your entire team to understand.

Customize issue titles

Other highlights from the 12 Features of Christmas

You can now pay annually for Bugsnag on all plans, and when you do, you’ll receive one month free! Learn more about it here.

We also released the ability to bulk add collaborators to your projects. This helps larger organizations manage collaborator permissions more conveniently, and other companies too as they scale.

And for iOS developers out there, we released some exciting improvements to crash reports for iOS.


These features can help you improve your debugging workflow and collaborate with your team on fixes. Keep an eye on our Twitter for the latest from our year.

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