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May 10, 2016

Discard errors by app version in BugSnag

To make your apps better, you iterate often, releasing new versions to your customers regularly. After a while, errors in older app versions become less important as you work to maintain newer versions while continuing to build more features for your customers. In fact, you probably want to start ignoring errors from your oldest versions and focus your attention on the new.

Now you can discard errors by app version in Bugsnag, helping make your Dashboard clearer and more relevant to you.

Discard errors by app version

You can set this up on your projects easily through our new settings center. Navigate to Projects in settings and select the project you’d like to configure. You’ll find the option for Discard by app version under Error Processing.

Error processing

You can specify version numbers in a few different ways — this feature supports ranges, regular expressions, and wildcards. Once you’ve configured this option, Bugsnag won’t notify you anymore about errors happening in the app versions you specified.


We hope this feature will help make your error data more actionable. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for more new features from our team.

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