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December 20, 2014

Twelve Features of Christmas Day 9: .NET notifier library

For day 9 of the 12 Features of Christmas we’re pleased to announce our .NET notifier library.

The library comes with support for full support for ASP.NET MVC applications, WebAPI applications, WPF applications as well as many other types of .NET based applications.

ASP and WebAPI support

With our support for the web based .NET technologies you can see full request information from within your dashboard when there is an error so you can fully understand what request caused the error you are seeing.

WPF support

The library comes with complete support for WPF applications to ensure you don't miss any errors from your WPF applications. With the integration you can also get full context around what the user was doing to generate the error.


With full support for nuget installation, or just manually grab the binary, it’s really easy to install and get started. Take a look at the documentation and get started!


Please let us know if you have any feedback! Reach us on Twitter.

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