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December 17, 2016

12 Features of Christmas - Customize bug issue name

Cheers to day 6 of the 12 Features of Christmas! With today’s release, you can now customize the issue title for issues created from errors in Bugsnag.

Track bug fixing - guard for regressions

Bugsnag delivers instant visibility into application errors, but we also focus a lot on helping teams efficiently track and fix errors.  Tracking error resolution not only means your team is on the same page, it also enables Bugsnag to automatically watch for regressions of errors previously marked as fixed.

To track progress, Bugsnag integrates with your issue tracker such as JIRA, Pivotal Tracker, and many more or you can use Bugsnag’s built-in error management workflow.

Speed things up by making error data more readable

Starting today users can customize the issue titles so they make sense to your entire team, and fit into your existing workflow and processes.

Historically, issue titles were derived from error class and context, and not optimized for understanding at a glance. Customization allows you to make issue titles are more readable and easier to understand — these types of small details can help make troubleshooting faster.

Customize issue titles

Help your entire team track error resolution progress

A huge benefit from editing issue titles is that you can help your entire team understand the errors being worked on. As it’s common to have multiple teams to use the same issue tracker, you can ensure that everyone understands what is being worked on by customizing the names of the issues. Your customer support team can check to make sure a critical bug has been scheduled to be fixed, or a product manager can know how to prioritize bugs in your next engineering sprint.

Additionally because workflow changes made in either Bugsnag or your issue tracker are reflected in both systems, your team will always know the latest status of those bug fixes.

To get started, connect Bugsnag to your issue tracker in your Bugsnag settings.  With nearly 30 issue tracker integrations, we likely have you covered.


This is one of the several releases to improve error handling workflow for our users. This week we also shipped notifications for error workflow changes so everyone is kept in the loop as errors are worked on.  Stay tuned for more…

We’re halfway through the 12 Features of Christmas, 6 more to come!

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