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July 7, 2020

Error alerting for your top customers

Since the release of the new Alerting and Workflow Engine, the ability to filter your notifications across any characteristic of an error has proven to help teams prioritize and fix the bugs that matter.

The new Alerting and Workflow Engine puts the power of bookmarks in your hands to filter notifications by any field that is accessible by the search bar in order to minimize noise and deliver alerts that are relevant and actionable. 

In the first two blogs in this series, we provided an overview of the new Alerting and Workflow Engine and then discussed how to use it to drive code ownership. In this blog, we will focus on how you can use the new alerting and workflow capabilities to easily prioritize and fix the bugs affecting your most valuable customers.

Not all bugs are created equal

Bugs in your application hurt the customer experience across the board, but we understand that not all customers are the same and the experience of some customers is more valuable to the business than those of other customers. With the new Alerting and Workflow Engine, you can prioritize bugs affecting your most valuable customers so they can be addressed as quickly as possible with minimal impact to their experience. 

With the bookmark filtering functionality, the customization capabilities for alerts are endless. Here are some examples to illustrate how alerts can be used to learn about bugs affecting important customer segments:

  • VIP customers of a B2B SaaS application that a Customer Success team is managing. Alerts can be configured so that a customer’s specific Customer Success Manager can be notified of any errors that the customer is seeing in real time so they can get ahead of the issue and proactively work with the rest of the team to address the error, which can help strengthen the relationship with the VIP customer.
  • Top spending customers of an application. Oftentimes, power users are the bread and butter of an application. Whether it’s repeat customers in your online shop or a customer on the top tier subscription, Bugsnag can alert you of errors affecting specific customer segments so they can be prioritized since these customers have the highest impact on revenue. 
  • Whales in gaming applications that are known to spend a lot of time and money in the application. Turns out 98% of people playing free mobile games never spend a dime on in-app purchases, and usually only a select few customers have been known to spend upwards of seven figures single-handedly. It follows very naturally that errors affecting these gaming whales are far more important to fix than others, so it is these errors that should trigger alerts so they can be fixed with speed and precision.

There are many more examples but overall the point is that not all bugs are created equal. Bugsnag provides a way to learn about errors impacting a specific VIP customer or an important customer segment so that you can investigate and resolve these quickly to keep valuable customers happy, maximize retention, and maintain brand reputation. 

Configuring alerts for your most valuable customers

With the Alerting and Workflow Engine, you can use a bookmark to get alerted in Slack (or your team chat application) every time an error impacts a VIP customer, top spending customer or gaming whale using the following steps:

  1. Using the user tab in the search bar, search for errors affecting your top customers. You can also use the custom filters tab to create customer segments using the custom metadata you’ve added to error reports, such as user subscription tiers (Gold, Premier, etc.).
  1. Create a shared bookmark using this search.
  1. Set up a Slack alert for “Every time an error occurs”, using advanced filters with the bookmark you just created.
  1. When an alert is received, you can investigate and resolve the error quickly. For example, the alert can notify the CSM team, who can evaluate the impact and escalate to the engineering team to prioritize and fix.

Getting started

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