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December 23, 2014

Twelve Features of Christmas Day 12: Column Selection on Event Lists

We’ve made it to day 12! Our final feature powers up your ability to spot patterns and similarities in your error data, so you’ll know more quickly what’s happening in your application.

Today we’ve introduced an awesome new view of your error information. On your error details page, you’ll see a new tab called Events which shows details for each occurrence of an error, and allows you to customize exactly which columns of data you’d like to see.

error details screenshot

Depending on your project type, we’ll automatically display relevant columns, for example, we’ll now show browser information for JavaScript projects, and app version and o/s version for mobile projects.

We’ve even made this same view available on your project’s live events page:

error details screenshot

These new views are really powerful — any theory you have about a bug will be easier to prove or dismiss. You can clearly see if a bug is only affecting one version of a browser, or maybe is only seen in a specific release stage. That way you’ll more efficiently diagnose any bugs.

So there you have it, 12 new features to make your Bugsnag experience just that much better!

Happy Holidays!

— Team Bugsnag

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