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January 5, 2016

Save filters and set default views in Bugsnag

You can now save filter and sorting combinations in Bugsnag, and set these saved filters as default views for your Inbox and Timeline pages. If you have filters you use frequently, for instance [CODE]introduced in version[/CODE] to only see errors from a specific version of your application, filter saving will be a handy, time saving shortcut.

To add a new saved filter, select the combination of key/value pairs, time filters, and sorting options that you’d like to save and navigate to the Saved Filter Menu.

Select “Save Current Filter” in the menu, and you’ll be able to give your filter combination a name and choose to set this filter as a default for your Inbox or Timeline. Saved defaults for your Inbox and Timeline will be the view you see whenever you navigate to those pages.

Add Filter

To edit or delete a saved filter, hover the filter in the Saved Filter Menu for a list of options.

Edit Filter

To help you get a sense of how this new features works, we’ve included two default saved filters for you, which you can keep, edit, or remove. For more on filtering your error data in Bugsnag, see our documentation.

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