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December 15, 2016

12 Features of Christmas - First seen and last seen error tooltips

We’re excited to bring you day 4 of the 12 Features of Christmas! Error tooltips now include details on when the error was first seen and last seen, even if you have filters applied.

First seen error tooltip - trendchart

We’ve included these tooltips in various places in your dashboard where the information can be helpful. You’ll find them when you hover over timestamps on the following views in the Bugsnag dashboard:

  • Inbox view
  • Headline of the error details view
  • Under the trend chart on the error details view
  • Errors pivot table in the timeline view
Last seen error tooltip - timeline

Historically, you could only see the date range of when an error was happening that matched your filters. We’ve expanded the details so you’ll have an easier time identifying when the error was first introduced without needing to switch to a different view.

We hope these at a glance details will help to make debugging a faster process for you as you move through errors and troubleshoot. Debugging can be a quick task when you have all the details and information you need in the right places, so this small detail can be a powerful timesaver.

We’re still working hard on the 12 Features of Christmas so keep an eye out for more great improvements.

This blog is one a series of product advancements to assist in error discovery and minimize troubleshooting time. Not all errors are equal, Bugsnag helps you focus on errors with the greatest user impact with a customized view of your application and releases.

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