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July 17, 2014

Golang support

At Bugsnag, we’ve been rewriting some of our high-throughput services in Golang. The only problem? There was no official Bugsnag support.

That changes today! I’ve written a Bugsnag notifier for Golang and added it as an officially supported language to the website.

It’s designed for easy use with HTTP servers, but can automatically catch unhandled panics in all Golang apps. We also have built-in support for both Google App Engine and the revel framework.

We’ve been using the notifier in production for a while now for our performance critical API end-point. It’s completely stable and avoids adding any latency to requests by using a go routine to send notifications to Bugsnag.

As usual, open source projects can use Bugsnag for free, and we’d love to see what people are up to in Golang.

P.S. Bugsnag has unofficially supported Golang for a while. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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