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December 21, 2014

Twelve Features of Christmas Day 10: Mobile Breadcrumbs

Happy 12 Features of Christmas! We’re excited to launch another awesome new feature to make your Bugsnag experience even better. For day 10 we’ve released mobile breadcrumbs, so you can easily identify the source of a crash!

You can now leave developer-defined log messages called “breadcrumbs” to help understand exactly what was happening in your application in the time before each crash. Better diagnostic information means more convenient bug fixing for your mobile applications.

Mobile Breadcrumbs

When logging a breadcrumb, we’ll keep track of the timestamp associated with the log message, and show both the message and timestamp on your Dashboard. You’ll be able to trace the specific path your user took before they got to a crash, so you can find the exact source of the issue.

We’ve released support for this on our Android notifier, with planned support for both iOS and Javascript coming soon. Upgrade your notifier library to start seeing breadcrumbs in your Bugsnag Dashboard!


We’d love to hear your feedback on our latest features for mobile. Let us know on Twitter!

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