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January 26, 2017

Manage bug fixes using BugSnag and Trigger

One of the many great things about Bugsnag is that it makes your error information actionable. When you identify a harmful bug in your application, you can send issues to your issue tracker, ensuring you’ll remember to fix the error.

Today we’re releasing a new issue tracker integration with Trigger, so you can create Trigger tasks directly from your Bugsnag dashboard. Trigger is a project management tool that helps keep teams focused with time and budget tracking.

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Manage bug fixes in Bugsnag and your issue tracker

Bugsnag integrates with issue trackers like Trigger so you can effectively manage bug fixes.

Integrating Bugsnag with Trigger allows you to create Trigger tasks directly from your Bugsnag dashboard to reduce context switching between tools, and help you avoid manual entry of your error data. Simply click the Create Task icon from within your Bugsnag Dashboard and a task will automatically open in Trigger. You can even opt to have issues automatically opened for new types of errors in production.

Monitoring for production errors and alerting you to them is only the first part of error monitoring. Bugsnag also gives you workflow integrations so you can take action and fix software bugs.

BugSnag helps you prioritize and fix software bugs while improving your application stability
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