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April 26, 2016

All new settings in BugSnag

Today we’re releasing a redesign of all settings in Bugsnag. Settings are now easier to navigate so you can customize your Bugsnag configuration through an intuitive experience.

Bugsnag settings redesign

What’s new?

All settings have been centralized to one location where you can update your Account, Project, and Organization settings. With everything in one place, it’s easier to locate a particular setting you’re looking for. All configuration is already running with smart defaults, and access to advanced options are easy to find if you need them.

We’ve renamed Account to Organization to make the difference between your personal and organization settings clearer. Organization refers to a shared Bugsnag Dashboard where you can add multiple collaborators to your projects. Account refers to your personal account, things like your email address, password, and personal email preferences.

Max Luster - Lead Designer at Bugsnag

Why redesign settings?

A great deal of the power you get from Bugsnag comes from the customization options you have to make it work better for you and your team. We’re excited to share the work we’ve done on settings because we know it’ll make a huge impact for our users. I sat down with our Lead Designer, Max Luster, to find out more about the thought behind this project.

In applications like Bugsnag, it’s important to provide powerful configuration options so that you can customize the app to work alongside your existing tools and workflows. Our previous settings experience was fragmented, with settings split into three different locations: User settings, Project settings, and Account settings. That made it hard to know where to navigate to when you wanted to do things like update the way Bugsnag sent messages into your team chat room or update your billing information. With the settings redesign, all of these configuration options are exposed in a cohesive single-page application that’s quick and easy to navigate around.

As part of this initial release, we’ve included a number of small enhancements to our existing configuration options. However, expanding functionality was not our primary goal. This new design architecture sets the stage for us to be able to make Bugsnag far more configurable, while preventing that expanded configuration from becoming overly complex. Keep an eye our for future development in automation rules for when complex, customizable scenarios, occur.

What’s next?

With this new settings architecture in place, we’re excited to tackle projects that expand customization options. To make Bugsnag more powerful for large teams, we’ll be working on major upgrades to our notification and alerting systems.

As a start, we’ll be implementing two-way issue tracker integrations and custom alerts. There’s more to come!


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