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Python Notifier 2.0

James Smith

We’ve just released version 2.0 of our Python Notifier, which powers Bugsnag error monitoring for Django, Flask, Tornado, WSGI and other Python apps.

$ pip install bugsnag --upgrade

This release includes full Python 3 support, new before_notify hooks to make sending additional data to Bugsnag with each error much easier and much more.

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Python 3 Support

This release includes our first official support for Python 3! We now officially support using Bugsnag with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 and 3.3.

Custom Data With Exceptions

We’ve made it even easier to send custom data to Bugsnag with every exception. You can now create your own before_notify function to add custom data, user information, or even stop errors being sent to Bugsnag completely:

def before_bugsnag_notify(notification):
   # You can add custom data or set user information
   notification.user = {
       "id": current_user.id,
       "name": current_user.name,
       "email": current_user.email

   notification.add_tab("account", {
       "paying": current_user.acccount.is_paying()

   # Returning False stops the notification from being sent to Bugsnag
   if isinstance(notification.exception, KeyboardInterrupt):
       return False


Better Project & Stage Detection

We can now automatically detect your release stage and project root in most situations, which helps with error grouping and makes stacktraces easier to read.

Many More Bug-Fixes

We also squashed a ton of bugs in this release, so let us know what you think! Get in touch via twitter or email with any feedback.

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