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September 30, 2014

Notification Improvements: Alerts for every situation

Bugsnag puts you on the frontline of your application, alerting you to issues that need your attention. And now, we’ve made our notifications even more robust, with upgrades that make it easier than ever for your team to stay connected.

Here’s what’s new:

Only contact me in case of emergency

Filter notifications by severity and release stage

Getting alerted to non-critical information is a noisy interruption. It’s hard to pay attention to a notification stream when the information you care about gets lost in the feed.

Now you can configure Bugsnag to only send you the notifications that matter most.

screen shot of the settings panel for slack notifications with filters

This is also exciting if you’re integrating Bugsnag with PagerDuty. Choose to only get notified about severe crashes in production, so those midnight wake up calls will never be anything less than urgent. We can still notify you of other errors via email and within your Bugsnag dashboard.

Keep everyone in the loop

Alerts in multiple chat rooms

We’ve also made it possible to split out your team chat notifications so you can see them in more than one place. Are you using a team chat tool like Slack or HipChat? This is your solution for managing teams with different information needs.

For example, developers need notifications to help them troubleshoot when they’re deploying to staging, but support teams only need to know when things are broken in production.

You can choose to send all developer focused information to a Dev chatroom, for example, and only the most serious crashes in production to a Support chatroom.

Avoid the Noise

Disable notifications when it’s loud

Sometimes things break, but receiving alerts for every error is a redundant distraction. We’ve made it possible to temporarily disable your error notifications so you can stay focused and fix the issue.

Re-enable them once the dust has settled, and we’ll immediately start alerting you to relevant errors.

Jump into the conversation

Get notified of new comment activity

We’ve rolled out comment notifications so you can stay on top of your team’s progress on an error. Jump in on the conversation and help, or use our notifications to keep up to date on status.  

screen shot of the settings for when errors are posted in slack

And of course, all of these improvements can be configured for both your team chat integrations and your email settings.

Let us know what you think of these upgrades on Twitter.

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