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October 8, 2014

New intelligent error alerts for spikes in error activity

Bugsnag is your go-to tool for saving time and effort finding and fixing bugs. For our team, making sure that process is painless is a huge priority, so we’ve rolled out a new system for monitoring your application’s crashes. Your alerts are new and more powerful than ever with project spike detection.

Project spike detection is our most intelligent version of error notifications yet. When the error rate in your application increases significantly, or a spike occurs, Bugsnag will immediately alert you. There’s no need to setup any metrics for this—Bugsnag monitors the error rate for you, so you’ll know when something needs your immediate attention.

Project Spiking Email

Let’s say you’re notified of an error, but it’s the kind that can wait; it really doesn’t need to be dealt with immediately. That’s okay—we won’t notify you of the next few occurrences. But what if it happens 1,000 more times in the next minute? This you do want to know. At that point, our spiking detection will alert you since it’s become a much bigger issue, so you can take a closer look at the crashes. Voila! Bugsnag has your back with minimal effort on your part.

We’re giving you added visibility into what’s happening in your applications, so you can focus your attention on the projects that matter most. Ready to get started? Configure your email and team chat notifications so you can start receiving alerts to spiking error activity.

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