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April 25, 2014

New Feature: Severity

We’re launching our severity feature today to help you triage your crashes and focus on what’s most important to your team.

This new feature allows you to tag your errors as either an error, warning or info when notifying Bugsnag about exceptions. Simply update your Bugsnag notifier library to start using severity in your apps!

Handled vs Unhandled Errors

We’ll automatically tag your unhandled/fatal exceptions as the error severity. Handled exceptions will default to the warning severity, and you can override this when calling [CODE]Bugsnag.notify[/CODE] from your code.

You can immediately see the severity of each error on your Bugsnag dashboard:

Error List Severity

Severity Filtering

You can also filter your error list by severity, to help you narrow down your errors:

Filter by Severity

Update Your Bugsnag Library

We’ve rolled out support for the severity feature on all of our official notifiers, and where possible we’ve back-populated existing data. We recommend you update your notifier to start using the severity feature. Check out the documentation for the Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, Android, Cocoa, Node.js, Python and Java notifiers for details on how to set custom severities in your application.

Let us know what you think!

Is this useful for you? Anything we can improve? Let us know what you think via twitter or by sending us an email!

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