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February 11, 2020

What’s bugging the Iowa Caucus?

An incredible thing happened last Monday: Our entire nation became aware of the chaos you can cause when a mobile app is released with a critical error.

Of course, I’m talking about the Iowa caucuses. As the first battleground state for the presidential party nomination, everyone wanted to know which Democratic candidate would break out of a crowded race and claim victory. The continuous news cycle churned with speculation and anticipation as the country waited for results in the early evening.

And then the waiting game continued. Preliminary tallies failed to roll in, and talk quickly turned to what was going wrong. The media and those in Iowa started to speculate that there might be a problem with the new mobile app that the Iowa caucus captains were using to report precinct results.

Knowing a thing or two about apps and bugs, my interest was piqued. What was going wrong with this new app, named (quite logically) the IowaReporterApp?

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