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July 9, 2014

Assign errors to your team and archive the ones that don't need fixing

We have a way to finally get rid of those bugs that clog up your dashboard!

Our new changes let you archive noisy bugs so your team can focus on identifying and prioritizing problems that are actually affecting users.

archive errors

Customize alerts for archived bugs that could potentially require monitoring. You’re not disrupted by meaningless noise, but you can be confident that an emergency won’t sneak up on you.

We’ve also added the ability to assign errors, which could change the way your team collaborates. You can now view bugs assigned to you and prioritize your workload at a glance. Once you’re ready, drill down with Bugsnag as you normally would, or reassign to a teammate.

assign errors

Filter statuses like never before! Distinct differentiations in statuses allow you to better track the overall progress of your team.

new error filters

View error activity to get a better understanding of how each error resolves. Gain insights through comments, workflow assignments, and status changes.

new error filters

With these new features, planning, collaborating, and diagnosing is easier than ever.

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