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The Most Actionable Way to Detect and Fix Android ANRs

For Android developers, Application Not Responding (ANR) errors can be quite challenging to resolve. Often, there’s no insight provided into why ANR errors are occurring, and developers lack visibility to trace the source. Great news - Duncan Hewett, VP of Product at Bugsnag, reveals how to automatically detect ANR scenarios from inside the code. 

Blog Series: Error Handling on Android

In this series, Jamie Lynch, Software Engineer on the Platforms Team at Bugsnag, shares the insides and outs of error handling on Android applications. Learn everything in this seven-part series from handling obfuscation and minification in your Android crash reports to the best tips for adding useful metadata to crash reports. 

SDKs Should Not Crash Apps - Learnings from the Facebook Outage

In early May 2020, a change to the Facebook API caused crashes to happen on many requests made from Facebook’s iOS SDK. This meant that every application which uses the iOS Facebook SDK experienced crashes, leading to major outages worldwide. James Smith, CEO and Co-founder of Bugsnag, shares his analysis of the outage and its implications for the software engineering community.

State of React Native

Walk through React Native’s rise in popularity and its global impact by analyzing Mightysignal data from the last four years. You’ll gain insight into:

  • Where React Native development is occurring, what types of apps are being built, and how many SDKs developers use on average
  • How frequently React Native apps are released, updated, and downloaded
  • Who the largest consumers of RN apps are and how they rate the experience

Unity Gaming Platform Trends 2019

Examine Unity’s global impact from the last 14 years. As you read along, you will:

  • Review the success of Unity thus far as it aligns with the rapid growth of the video gaming industry
  • Discover Unity development trends for mobile applications on Android and iOS devices internationally
  • Evaluate the global growth and demand of Unity in the years to come as it continues to play a large role in AR, VR, and XR content

Investigate and Fix Android ANRs with Powerful Diagnostics

We compiled a few tips on how to leverage the diagnostics in your error reports to investigate ANR root causes. Discover how to identify clues from your stack traces and extrapolate patterns in user interactions and ANR crashes through breadcrumbs. Plus, we show you how to distill ANRs to the most commonly affected devices with device level diagnostics. You’ll want to start using these tricks right away.