Protect your apps from erratic SDKs

Droidcon 2020

18 min
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The recent Facebook SDK outages caused thousands of applications that were integrated with it to crash on every boot, launching companies into a frenzy to mitigate the issue and respond to customers. A few weeks prior to the first outage, a similar issue with the Google Maps SDK affected applications which rely on maps such as delivery apps and ridesharing services. Although such outages are never good news, the silver lining is that it draws attention to good software design and process.

Watch this session from James Smith, CEO and Co-founder of Bugsnag, to learn preemptive strategies for protecting your application from badly behaving or rogue SDKs, including running A/B tests, monitoring for issues in production, measuring the performance impact of rogue SDKs, and more. We’ll also speak about how Bugsnag’s stability management platform can help with some of these strategies and provide complete visibility into every crash caused by a rogue SDK.

James Smith
CEO and Co-founder