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Strategies for timely releases with minimal bugs

Game Developers Conference 2020

27 min
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Developers are under increasing pressure to launch their next game quickly, and especially more so with the current heightened appetite for games. Thinking about the most loved games that stood the test of time, what did they have in common? They didn’t rush to get it done. Fast coding introduces more bugs, which can be costly to the brand as users aren’t shy about sharing reviews about poor experiences. 

Despite sounding bad, bugs are necessary and launching an error-free game is impossible. So how can engineering teams balance speed-to-market with developing and launching games that people will love? This session James Smith, CEO and Co-founder of Bugsnag, will dive into proven strategies for doing so, including:

  • Release stability management: Monitoring the stability of releases throughout development and testing to catch problems early and decide when to roll out to users.
  • Testing and early access: Running A/B tests, closed play tests, and early access for superfans to collect feedback and stamp out critical issues before launch.
  • Phased rollouts: Launching a lightweight game and then adding content and game modes over time with regularity and speed to keep users engaged.
James Smith
CEO and Co-founder