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Do more with fewer notifications

Improve the signal to noise ratio with error alerts

48 min
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What you'll learn

In a time when most tools we use at work are alerting us several times a day, how do we know which alerts matter and need our attention? Especially in engineering teams developing and monitoring high usage apps with high error volumes, every error alert does not concern every engineer. Watch this webinar and discover how you can use error segmentation to receive fewer notifications and use them to do more like prioritize bug fixes, ensure team alignment, and resolve high impact errors quickly.

Topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Notification Fatigue:
    How to minimize noise by configuring notifications that are relevant and actionable
  • Error Prioritization:
    Types of segments and notification filters that can alert you of the bugs that matter
  • Code Ownership:
    How to filter notifications so you are alerted of bugs in code which belong to you
Ivan Diaz
Solutions Engineer
Zeba Naqvi
Sr. Product Marketing Manager