Detect errors in Laravel applications

Automatic Laravel error reporting helps you improve software quality for your users
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Automatic, intelligent Laravel error reporting
Detect handled and unhandled errors, and fix them before they impact your users
Get started in just a few minutes
Use Composer to integrate Bugsnag with your app in just a few lines of code. It only takes a few minutes to install, and you'll immediately start capturing errors.
Bugsnag Laravel install with Composer
Get alerted to errors affecting users
Bugsnag automatically captures errors and alerts you via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more. You'll also see detailed error reports in your dashboard for faster debugging.
Integrate with your Laravel ecosystem
Bugsnag works well with your Laravel tooling — integrate with the application logger, or monitor your Lumen projects, too, with Bugsnag for Lumen.
Comprehensive Laravel error reports
All the diagnostic data you need to reproduce and fix errors, centralized in one place
Full stacktrace with code inline
Debugging is easier when you can see the line of code that crashed. Bugsnag captures a stacktrace for every error and even shows your source code. You can also integrate with GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab and link directly to your repository.
Automatically collected diagnostic data
See request information including parameters, session + cookie data, release stage, and hostname. We’ll also capture the queue job that was running and the logged in user for web requests.
stack trace
Breadcrumbs - Events timeline leading to errors
Track actions leading to an exception
Reproduce bugs using breadcrumbs, a timeline of log statements and database queries running (including how long each took to execute) before an exception was sent to Bugsnag. Learn more about our product.
Production ready Laravel error reporting
Resilient Laravel error reporting built for applications and organizations of all sizes
Lightweight library
Integrating with Bugsnag's lightweight Laravel library does not cause any significant performance decreases.
Open source
All Bugsnag libraries are open source so you can see the error handling code and even make pull requests to suggest improvements.
Enterprise level security
Send errors to our servers using 256-bit SSL, the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks. Or you can host Bugsnag on premise.
"We focus on the quality of the systems we build, so we can make sure our customers have a great experience. Bugsnag helps us understand when problems are coming up and how to deal with them.”
Diego Figueroa, Xoom
Engineering manager
Bugsnag Customer - Xoom
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