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We've created Bugsnag to help developers take full ownership of the code they ship

Bugsnag is an error-monitoring tool that allows your developers to identify, prioritize and replicate bugs in a time-efficient and enjoyable manner. Bugsnag creates an ownership mentality with all developers by enabling them to proactively see the effects of their code. This helps them address the issues before it escalates, creating a joyful experience for both customers and engineers.

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Our mission

Broken software is one of the biggest problems of engineering and product teams. Not only is it costly and time-consuming for engineers to invest their already scarce time finding and fixing bugs, but undetected bugs can lead to customer churn and significant damage to your brand through negative word-of-mouth. In addition, mobile and web apps have become more fragmented, making it complex and extremely time-consuming to test for all situations.

That said, with agile development becoming more pervasive across all industries, it is inevitable that bugs will be introduced into production.

All this adds up to a less than desirable experience for developers who are addressing errors.

We understand that writing and shipping code is something that excites developers, but troubleshooting bugs can easily become unpleasant grunt work.

We are on a mission to change this, and make the whole development process enjoyable, including what comes after deploy.

We've created Bugsnag to help developers take full ownership of the code they ship, while at the same time creating an enjoyable experience when fixing errors. We believe that making mistakes is an important and necessary part of growing as an engineer. We want to create an ownership mentality for all developers, enabling them to proactively see the effects of their code.

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Over 6,000 of the world's best engineering teams use Bugsnag to build better software

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Meet our leadership

Kirti Dewan
VP, Marketing

21 years in tech marketing. Startups and enterprises. Growth driver. Engineering & MBA. Community. Playing cards, traveling, and entertaining. Critic of potato chips from all over.

Duncan Hewett
VP, Product

Engineer turned product manager. Likes building things that people enjoy using. Keen eye for detail. No job is too big or small. Road trips and cycling. Handy with an umbrella.

James Smith

Building software for 20 years in startups and enterprises. Take apart and reassemble. Math & Computer Science. Legend of Zelda. Handyman. Barrel aged cocktails. Junk food enthusiast.

Simon Maynard

Author of the best code on GitHub. Made in the 80s. Math & Computer Science. Puns are the lowest form of wit. Arsenal F.C. Beating James at squash. Waluigi. Resists writing bios.

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