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Application Stability Monitoring

Monitor application stability to decide if your engineering team should be building new features on your roadmap or fixing bugs to stabilize your application.
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Balance agility with stability
  • Monitor app stability to know when to slow down or speed up release cycles.
Get the team on one page
  • Align product, dev, and ops teams with the objective stability score.
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  • Automatically instrumented without log statements. Supports 50+ platforms.
Set a target
Know when to take action
Track the stability of your releases against a set target, and intervene when stability drops.
The stability score helps you balance bugs and features
Use the stability score to help you decide if you need to spend time debugging or if you can move on to new features.

Calculated using real-time error rates and sessions data, it displays the percentage of successful app interactions per release.
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stability scores of releases in the dashboard
screenshot of timeline graph of errors
Real-time observability
Investigate stability issues on the timeline to understand error trends, pinpoint error spikes, investigate specific incidents, or determine if a release introduces new bugs.

Built-in alerts notify you of problems via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more.
focus on impact
Not all errors need fixing
Prioritize fixing errors with the greatest impact on application stability.
Quickly assess the impact of each error
Get the data you need to decide if an error should be fixed or ignored. Sort errors by the number of occurrences or the number of users impacted to stay focused on errors with the most significant impact on application stability.

Workflow states (open, fixed, snoozed) and Jira integration help you collaborate as you make progress on bug fixes.
apply filter for error context
search for custom attributes of your errors
A personalized view of your app’s errors
Use the search builder to filter errors on multiple attributes. From A/B tests to VIP customers, keep track of critical errors in your application.
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fix any error
Swift and straightforward debugging
Resolve errors faster with automatically captured diagnostic data.
See the exact line of code that crashed
A stacktrace is automatically captured for every error so you can see where it originates in your code. Integrations with source control allow you to access that repo in a single click.

For JavaScript and mobile platforms, we support source maps, dSYMs, and ProGuard, allowing us to show a readable stacktrace from minified or obfuscated source code.
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search for custom attributes of your erros
Retrace user actions leading to an error
Automatic breadcrumbs make going back and forth with customers in support obsolete. Bugsnag automatically captures a timeline of actions and events, like button presses and database queries, leading up to the error to give you a clear path to reproduce the bug.
Access the diagnostic data you need
No matter what type of app you are building — mobile, browser, backend — Bugsnag automatically captures the error context specific for your application.
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Bugsnag fits into your workflow
and the tools you already use.
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