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Clarity on what to do next.

Monitor your application stability non-stop, and get the visibility you need to confidently make your next move without digging for information.
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Progressive delivery for agile teams

Access the Data-Driven Layer of Progressive Delivery with BugSnag
Progressive delivery takes CI/CD to the next level to achieve faster deployments, more stable applications, and better team collaboration. Learn best-practices and how BugSnag supports your progressive delivery goals.
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Apps crash.
More than you think.

Introducing the Industry's First App Stability Index Research.
See how your apps compare — and, start setting your stability goals for 2021!
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Over 6,000 of the world's best engineering teams use the BugSnag platform to monitor app health and build better software

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Your Command Center for Application Stability and Observability


Make data-driven decisions about when to build features vs. fix bugs with observability insights


Streamline error triaging in multi-team applications with automatic error assignments

The complete picture for stability and error monitoring

Rich, end-to-end diagnostics to help you reproduce every error

Precise search and prioritized customer segments

Not all bugs are worth fixing. Focus on the ones that matter to your business

The stability score

The definitive metric for app health — the common language for product and engineering teams

Friendly customer support

Subject matter experts who care deeply about error reduction and the health of your apps

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Open source error reporting libraries for over 50 platforms

Automated error monitoring, reporting, alerting, and diagnostic capture for mobile, web, and backend apps
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1. Install the bugsnag-android package from Gradle or Maven
2. Add your API key to your AndroidManifest.xml file
3. Import the Bugsnag class in your Application subclass
4. Initialize in onCreate method
iOS platform icon.
1. Install the Bugsnag package from CocoaPods or Carthage
pod 'Bugsnag'
2. Add your API key to your Info.plist file
3. Import Bugsnag in your AppDelegate file
import Bugsnag
4. Initialize with your API key inside application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions)

It's that quick and easy! We support popular mobile and gaming platforms such as Android, iOS, Kotlin, React Native, and Unity, in addition to many other frameworks! Check out the docs for more information.

JavaScript platform icon.
1. Install the @bugsnag/js package using npm or yarn
$ npm install -s @bugsnag/js
2.   Import the Bugsnag object
import Bugsnag from '@bugsnag/js'
3. Initialize with your API key
React platform icon.
1. Install the @bugsnag/js package and our React plugin using npm or yarn
$ npm install -s @bugsnag/js \                 
2.  Import the Bugsnag object and the React plugin
import Bugsnag from '@bugsnag/js'
import BugsnagPluginReact from '@bugsnag/plugin-react'
3.  Initialize with your API key, and activate the React plugin
apiKey: 'your-api-key',
plugins: [new BugsnagPluginReact()]

It's that quick and easy! We support React, Vue, Angular, Ember, and more. Check out the docs for more information.

Rails platform icon.
1. Install the bugsnag ruby gem:
$ bundle add bugsnag
2. Create an initializer and set your API key
$ rails generate bugsnag your-api-key
Java platform icon.
1. Install the bugsnag package from Gradle or Maven
2. Import the Bugsnag class
import com.bugsnag.Bugsnag;
3. Initialize with your API key
Bugsnag bugsnag = new Bugsnag("your-api-key");

It's that quick and easy! We support Go, Laravel, Python, Node.js, and .Net. Check out the docs for more information.

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Built to handle today's enterprise-scale

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1.4 trillion

sessions processed / year

185 billion

errors detected / year

Error monitoring solution for applications, illustration.

1.2 million

errors fixed / year

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Trusted by the world's best engineering teams

Lyft utilizes BugSnag’s two-way sync integrations to ship new product features 40% faster
"BugSnag helps Lyft focus on new features and provide a better experience for our users."

Billy Pham

Technical Program Manager

Chime reduces crash rate by monitoring with BugSnag
“BugSnag is a great tool for delivering a better customer experience, making the app more stable, and taking pride in your application as an engineer.”

Software Engineer, Chime

Mercado Libre grows mobile market share by 50% while achieving a 99.93% stability score with BugSnag
"We use BugSnag because we know how to use it, and we trust it, which is most important. We can trust that what we see is what is happening.”

Nahuel Barrios

Engineering Manager

Yelp achieves a 99.98% stability target using BugSnag to improve mobile app stability
"Over the years, we've communicated a lot with the BugSnag team, and a lot of our feedback has been addressed.”

Antonio Niñirola

Engineering Manager