BugSnag for server-side

Save valuable time by organizing pages of error data into actionable insights
Reported uncaught and caught exceptions.
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Report uncaught and caught exceptions

After completing installation and basic configuration, uncaught exceptions in your server-side app will be automatically reported to your BugSnag dashboard along with caught exceptions that you choose to report to BugSnag.

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Easily identify and prioritize the most impactful errors

BugSnag makes it easy to pinpoint the ones with the greatest impact using powerful search and segmentation, coupled with techniques like correlating errors to user or IP address and versioning your code to track deployments.

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Compare the success of each release

BugSnag tracks the number of “sessions” that happen within your application. This allows you to compare stability scores between releases and helps you to understand the quality of your releases. 

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Built for server-side platforms

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