Detect JavaScript errors on your website

Automatically detect JavaScript errors on your websites, collect detailed diagnostic information, and get notified about errors in real-time.
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Effortless error detection
Add one line of code to your website and focus on the issues that matter most to you and your users.
One line integration
Add a single script tag to your website and immediately begin monitoring for JavaScript errors. It takes less than a minute to integrate.
Automatically detect script errors
Detect each time a user experiences an error. There’s absolutely no need to change your code or add try/catch blocks.
Bugsnag for JavaScript install with a single script tag
JavaScript error alerts in Slack
Notify your team instantly
Keep a close watch on your JS app from places like Slack, HipChat, and Gitter, or with email and SMS notifications. Automatically create tickets in JIRA, GitHub Issues, Pivotal Tracker, and more when a new error is found.
Cross-browser error detection
Ship new code with the confidence that you'll be able to quickly respond whenever errors happen, wherever they occur.
Cross-browser error grouping
From old IE to modern Chrome, monitor your JS errors everywhere. See your errors from modern browsers grouped together flawlessly, even if you use minification and cache-busting techniques.
Cross-browser error grouping for JavaScript errors
Error diagnostic data summaries
Browser and OS Breakdowns
See the breakdown of the browsers and operating systems in which your errors occurred. You’ll be able to quickly identify if an error is limited to a single browser, or a class of browsers.
Prioritize your errors
With error sorting, filtering, and trend analysis, keep your team focused on the issues that matter most.
Filter out the noise
Focus on the errors that matter to you with multi-dimensional filters.
Identify impactful errors at a glance
Sort your errors to find the ones that occur most frequently or have the greatest impact on your users.
JavaScript errors grouped by root cause
JavaScript error trend graph
View trends over time
See at a glance how an error has impacted your users over time with at-a-glance trend graphs.
Automatic diagnostic collection
With access to powerful diagnostics, get to the root cause of errors quickly and fix frustrating bugs.
Code snippets and source maps
See the code that caused the error, even if your code is minified. If you’re using source maps we’ll show you the exact line that caused the crash.
Advanced debugging information
When errors occur, automatically get information about the javascript event happening at the time, and include your application's custom debugging information to help you get to the bottom of the issue faster. Learn more about our product.
JavaScript stack trace
Production ready error detection
Resilient JavaScript error monitoring that's used on some of the world's biggest sites. We'll be here when you need us most.
Lightweight library
Weighing in at 5KB, our JavaScript code adds no noticeable overhead to your page loads. The library is hosted on Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN with edge locations around the world — or you can host it on your own servers.
Bugsnag security - 256-bit SSL
Enterprise level security
Send errors to our servers using 256-bit SSL, the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks.
Developer centric support
Hands on support from our development team to ensure your integration goes smoothly
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