Quick and accurate bug prioritization

Save time prioritizing bugs that impact application stability so you can be confident in the quality of your team's projects
Accurately prioritize your team’s work
Prioritize bugs faster with tools that help you pinpoint impactful bugs
Deliver features on schedule
Speed up the pace of development knowing you’ll be alerted if stability standards are not met
Ensure the quality of projects
Make sure quality standards are met with a clear path forward when stability drops

Save time prioritizing and managing bug fixes

Prioritization tools help you evaluate and pinpoint the most harmful errors quickly so you can get back to helping your team

Find the errors you’re looking for faster

Not all errors are worth fixing so avoid spending time on bug fixes that only slow you down. With powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use search, you can segment and evaluate errors reliably.

Advanced search helps you efficiently segment errors by what’s important, like errors in your latest release, or errors in A/B test segments.

Learn about search and segmentation

Track bug fixes seamlessly

Avoid the hassle of switching between apps as you prioritize errors. Integrate BugSnag with your issue tracker to create bug tickets from the dashboard with a single click.

The two-way sync integration keeps the status of the error synced between tools so you avoid duplicate work and are always up to date.

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Speed up roadmap feature development

The stability score helps you deliver features faster by letting you know when stability does not meet your standards
Dashboard showing releases stability.

Deliver features faster with the stability score

You have new features to build and quality standards to meet. Move faster on those features without worry — the stability score lets you know if quality drops.

Stability is a high-signal indicator of the customer experience. Having your finger on the pulse of stability at all times helps you move faster, or make a case for pushing a deadline when stability goes down.

Learn how to manage the stability of your releases

Deliver stable software to your users

When application stability drops, BugSnag alerts you and gives you the tools you need to assess impact and deliver high-quality features

A clear path forward when you need to fix a bug

When the stability indicator is red, it’s time to focus your team on debugging.

Begin investigating from the list of most widespread errors, so there's always clear path forward for dealing with quality issues with efficiency.

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Know when error rates spike in your application

Integrate BugSnag with Slack to receive new error and spike alerts where you're already working so you can always be on top of quality issues.

Create and define assignment rules using custom error data

Configure error assignment rules in BugSnag to target errors based on code location, default metadata, and custom metadata. Each rule is validated, so you know it has a code location and a verified BugSnag user or team assigned to it.

Learn how to create a rule
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