Error Monitoring for eCommerce

Your brand looks its best when stable customer experiences are provided. Take stock of eComm bugs and crashes with BugSnag.
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What’s on every engineer’s wish list?
Stability Management.

Maximize Sales

Keep customers happy and increase revenue

Handle Peak Seasons

Implement code freezes with confidence

Build Customer Loyalty

Deliver shopping without disruptions or crashes

Error Search and Segmentation

Manage software errors impacting your most valuable customers

Don’t let shopping carts be abandoned over a bug or defect. Undetected eCommerce errors can result in huge revenue losses, particularly when they affect your most loyal shoppers. With the advanced search builder in BugSnag, you can filter and bookmark errors impacting any particular segment of users or even a specific feature within your application.

Execute code freezes with complete knowledge of a release’s stability

Deliver smooth customer experiences during your busiest periods. The BugSnag Releases Dashboard displays the health of every release at a glance so developers always know whether a release can handle a peak shopping season. Additionally, you’ll see when a new error is introduced in the latest release so that you can review it right away.

Cultivate brand loyalty through flawless shopping encounters

Enable shoppers to browse, navigate, and purchase without disruption. The Stability Center displays the stability scores, or crash-free rates, of your various projects. Whether your project reaches your stability target, you’ll know when it’s time to build new features or time to fix errors. Now, you can rest confidently on a data-driven approach to error management.

Shopify uses BugSnag across 30 developer teams to service over 377,000 online stores.

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Deliver seamless shopping experiences

Say “Yes!” to actionable error reports

BugSnag’s detailed and precise error reports provide engineers with the information they need to efficiently reproduce and fix software errors. Our collection of error insights is perfect for every occasion.

  • Automatic error grouping by root cause
  • Fully-readable stack traces and breadcrumbs
  • Environment data
  • Automatic ANR and OOM detection for Android and iOS
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Still logging? How about a makeover...
Though logging solutions offer a valuable method for tracking error data, they don’t provide engineers readable error reports for reproducing and fixing errors quickly. Empower your engineering team with an error monitoring solution that fits their needs.

Picks for you: Efficiency, code ownership, and team alignment

Increase developer productivity by reducing the time needed to find and fix errors. BugSnag’s Alerting and Workflow Engine minimizes noise from notifications and prioritizes errors, which enables developers to:

  • Focus alerts for decision making purposes
  • Fine-tune alerts to make them actionable
  • Leverage alerts to drive code ownership
Error Notifications

Spend valuable time building your core product

Protect your engineers from burnout over using in-house tools

Prevent high employee turnover

Say “Bye!” to the DIY

Engineers are the best in the business and should spend their valuable time building your core product. Prevent your employees from burning out over an in-house tool. Give the gift of a third party error monitoring solution used by fellow industry leaders that want to achieve the same business outcomes.

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Wish fulfillment: Switch to BugSnag today.

Quick installation

Switch to BugSnag today, and we’ll offer you same-day migration. It’s easy!

  • Personal assistance from a specialized onboarding team
  • Proactive management and monitoring of your reporting and Stability Center setup
  • Option to select enterprise gold support

Data piping flexibility

Without any hidden costs, BugSnag offers high-volume JSON read/write APIs and business intelligence (BI) integrations with Amazon SQS and Splunk. BugSnag enables you to download your own data into internal tools as you please.


Connect and share information across alert, chat, data forwarding, issues tracking, SSO, and source control tools. Enjoy two-way syncing with issue trackers like Jira.

Platform support

BugSnag is compatible with over 50 platforms, including Android, iOS, React Native, Unity, and Cocos2d-x.