Autoroute errors to the correct team or individual for faster resolution and minimize impact on user experience.


Determine who owns what and ensure no error is left unattended.


Simplify error prioritization with custom rules that you define.


Know who will fix an error before it happens.

Target specific errors and automatically route them to the best developer with the context needed for quick fixing.

Create and define assignment rules using custom error data

Configure error assignment rules in BugSnag to target errors based on code location, default metadata, and custom metadata. Each rule is validated, so you know it has a code location and a verified BugSnag user or team assigned to it.

Learn how to create a rule

Ensure team alignment throughout the debugging process

Align your teams with assignment rules to create a single source of truth about who owns what. Automatically assign new errors to a team or collaborator and notify the rule assignee with an email notification. Record each error assignment so users can view the list of rules for quick reference.

Order your rules for clear designation on which rules take precedence over others. When priorities change, effortlessly reorder rules with drag-and-drop features and add a description when rules require additional context.

How to manage precedence

Set up teams that match your SSO provider settings for faster onboarding and increased app security

Not every developer owns each section of your application. Place BugSnag users in your organization into teams and assign errors based on their expertise. Sync with your SSO provider settings to match error assignments with already established team roles. Easily add new hires to speed up onboarding and remove team members who have left your organization for extra security.


Remove white noise and improve error response times.

Establish a single source of truth for your team to eliminate confusion, simplify prioritization, and foster code ownership.

Keep a pulse on the bugs that matter to you and your team

Set up focused error views and alerts to immediately notify teammates when an error occurs in their section of the codebase, affects a critical section of your application, or impacts VIP customers. Investigate and route bugs fast with end-to-end diagnostics and pre-built integrations with common developer tools like Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, and more.

Visit custom filters documentation

Deliver relevant and actionable alerts with the Alerting and Workflow Engine

Set up alerts for errors occurring in the team’s code to align the team on which bugs to fix. The Alerting and Workflow Engine makes it easier for teams to separate errors specific to them and identify critical errors faster.

Use alerts to drive decisions about error prioritization and resolution, align the team around the bugs that matter, and resolve high-impact errors quickly. Additionally, you can streamline debugging workflows with team chat, issue tracker, and incident management integrations.

Segment by the application area you’re responsible for

Surface the errors most relevant to you or your team by bookmarking a segment of errors. For example, segment errors on the latest release and from a critical section of your application, like errors in your customers’ shopping carts.

Build a segment with the release filter set to latest and context:shopping_cart

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