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Detect Unity exceptions

Unity error monitoring automatically captures exceptions and reports so you can resolve bugs in Unity apps
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Use Bugsnag to debug Unity exceptions

Bugsnag detects Unity exceptions and gives you the tools to prioritize and fix the most impactful errors
Unity exceptions grouped by root cause

Get visibility into the exceptions that are most widespread and alerts when error rates spike

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Powerful search helps you find exact errors or segments with over 30 automatically captured attributes

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Search Unity errors
Unity exception stacktrace

Bugsnag for Unity includes integrated logging support, native crash detection for Android, iOS, + MacOS, plus Unity exception reporting for all platforms.

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Keep an eye on the stability score for your releases to know when exceptions have been introduced

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Unity release stability score

Over 4,500 of the world's best engineering teams use Bugsnag to build better software

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“Bugsnag helps Lyft focus on new features and provide a better experience for our users.”
Billy Pham
Lyft, Technical Program Manager
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