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Get comprehensive Android crash reports to quickly debug errors

Add Bugsnag to your Android SDK and NDK projects to automatically detect unhandled exceptions
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Effortless Android SDK & NDK crash reporting
Find and fix exceptions impacting your users
Android errors grouped by root cause
Know when your app crashes
Automatically get alerts when your users see crashes. Bugsnag's Android plugin captures unhandled and handled exceptions in real-time. You'll know which crashes happen most and which affect the most users.
Support for Android Native Development Kit
Automatically capture crashes in apps written in native code languages with Bugsnag support for NDK. A quick install and you'll get info on both the C++ and Java environment, including de-obfuscated stacktraces.
Benchmark releases to improve app health
Use the Releases dashboard to decide if a release is successful or needs to be rolled back. The crash rate indicator shows the percentage of sessions in a release that end in a crash, allowing you to compare release health and track improvements over time.
Releases dashboard
Investigate Android App Crashes
Tests aren't enough to keep your app crash-free. Device fragmentation and environment differences impact how your app runs.
Diagnostic error data from device
Avoid one-star reviews
Users who have negative experiences using your app can leave negative reviews. Avoid these by staying ahead of bugs and releasing quality code.
See where your app is running
Crash reports include device manufacturer, model, and OS name and version to help you understand if crashes are widespread or isolated to a specific device.
See the state of the device
Debugging is easier when you know the state a device was in during a crash. Bugsnag reports details on memory, hardware features, other apps open, rooted, permissions, battery, and more.
Identify crashes from other sources
Bugsnag lets you know when severe crashes are caused by backend or API changes, and alerts you to spiking error rates. You can even snooze alerts until they reach a critical level.
Average device state across error events
In-depth Android Crash Reports
Automatically captured reports give you the answers you need to pinpoint the source of crashes
Android breadcrumbs
See the code that crashed
See the full de-obfuscated stacktrace for each exception, even full thread state information. If you're using ProGuard, our Gradle plugin uploads your mapping files for each build so you can see the line of code that crashed.
See automatic breadcrumbs
Bugsnag automatically captures breadcrumbs, a timeline of navigation events and system broadcasts leading up to the crash being detected. Use them to easily reproduce crashes.
User information
Every exception is tagged with user details so you can correlate errors with customer support requests.
Mobile specific diagnostics
Exceptions on mobile require special context, like the screen open when a crash happened and out of memory errors.
See what's relevant to you
Check the health of your latest release, or find an error reported by a user using filters to find specific crashes. Learn more about our product.
Filter Android errors by user
Production ready Android crash reporting
Resilient Android crash reporting that's used on some of the world's most popular apps including Airbnb, Pandora, and Square
Lightweight library
Weighing in at 73kb and less than 700 methods, our Android SDK doesn't add any noticeable overhead to your app loads.
Bugsnag vault image
Open source
All Bugsnag notifiers are open source so you can see the exception handling code and even make pull requests to suggest improvements.
Enterprise level security
Send errors to our servers using 256-bit SSL, the same encryption used by the world’s leading banks. Or you can host Bugsnag on premise.
Over 4,500 of the world's best engineering teams use Bugsnag to build better software
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“Bugsnag helps Lyft focus on new features and provide a better experience for our users.”
Billy Pham
Lyft, Technical Program Manager
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