Connect BugSnag with the tools your team uses

Integrations for every aspect of development

Knowing about a bug is one thing, making sure it gets fixed is another. From alerts, to chat tools, and issue trackers, BugSnag works with the applications your team uses.

Receive alerts for errors and crashes in your chat application

Get error notifications directly in your team chat tool of choice without disrupting workflow. Ignore, snooze, or mark errors as fixed directly in chat.

Forward your data to logging and BI tools

Send data on errors in production to your data aggregator for further analysis, trend analysis, custom dashboards, and creating your own metrics.

Errors sync directly with your issue tracker

Create issues in your issue tracker of choice directly from Bugsnag. Errors marked as fixed in Bugsnag, are automatically marked as fixed in your issue tracker, and vice versa.

Faster troubleshooting with direct links to your source code

Click directly to your source code from each stacktrace. View a diff to your prior deploy to determine if code changes introduced a new error.

Instant alerting on errors and crashes in your applications

Bugsnag monitors error rate over time and sends alerts for spikes and anomalies. Easily customize alerting rules based on frequency, severity, or release stage.

Enterprise security and control over user access

Control how users log in and interact with full SAML support. Increase security and ease onboarding of new users with SSO integrations.