See the entire path. Pinpoint the problem.
At scale.

Quickly troubleshoot performance bottlenecks and errors within your microservices. Monitor errors in BugSnag and correlate root causes across traces, logs, and metrics in Aspecto.


Gather all your data in one place and export where you choose


Compare data side to side to track down the problem


Start free. Cut telemetry costs as you scale with built-in remote sampling


Connect front-end errors with back-end traces

Improve communication and foster collaboration between your back-end and front-end teams

Get to the root cause faster. Solve front-end issues with back-end insights

Filter data as you quickly correlate logs with relevant traces. Switch between BugSnag and Aspecto to get full context of the root cause.


End-to-end insights so developers can pinpoint trouble

An OpenTelemetry-native solution with built-in remote sampling to cut down resolution time and costs.

A visual breakdown of your OpenTelemetry data

Your troubleshooting ability depends on how well you can visualize your OTel data. With clear delineation, you can go from a high-level overview to tiny details in just a few clicks.

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Cut costs and lag time with remote sampling

Focus on collecting the most insightful data by sampling span properties like errors, attributes, and duration.

How sampling works
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Get the full context with side-by-side correlation

Resolve issues faster by viewing logs and traces at the same time. Hop from logs to corresponding traces and spans so you can quickly dig down to the root cause of an issue.

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Support agile development with straight forward trace search and segmentation

Customize our trace solution to your needs. Create filters and groups based on your trace data to stay alert on the most important issues. Leverage free-text search to quickly locate problems in your system.

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Sampling Rules
Cut your costs by sampling only the data you need. Sample traces based on languages, libraries, routes and errors.
Data Privacy
Set data privacy rules to hide sensitive fields within trace data, specific routes or anywhere else.
Connect your day-to-day tools with your workflow. Logs, error monitoring, external events API, and more.