Mobile app monitoring for peace of mind

Catch errors and performance issues before they affect your end users and app rating. Built for developers by developers.
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Take your mobile app from slow to stellar

BugSnag makes it easy to level up your app’s performance
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Get real-time insights into performance issues for your iOS, Android, Unity, React Native, and Flutter apps

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See in-depth data about app starts, screen loads, network requests, and custom spans for your app

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Easily compare the performance between different releases, OS versions, and device types

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Control your data costs with dynamic sampling and OTel compatibility – pay for insights, not data

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Get real-time data on real user experience. Really.

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Make data-driven decisions with confidence

Gain full front-end visibility into user experience through an intuitive UI designed for quick analysis with the ability to drill down specific performance traces. Easily identify trends and problem areas within your application.

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Built for developers, by developers

BugSnag’s 24/7 real-user monitoring gives dev teams visibility into critical mobile metrics like hot and cold app starts, network requests, screen-load time and more. Add custom spans to get further insight into which actions are vital to your mobile app’s performance.

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See the big picture without too much noise

Receive full diagnostics on crash alerts and errors with BugSnag
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Receive real-time alerts on unhandled and handled errors for your iOS, Android, React Native, Expo, and Unity apps

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Easily view the stacktrace, device information, and breadcrumbs for efficient error handling

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Automatically detect and report iOS OOMs and Android ANRs

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Set and track the stability score of each release to see if you’re hitting your target stability goal

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Integrate with existing tools

BugSnag works with your existing tools for chat, data forwarding, issue tracking, and other platforms. Over 40 tools like Jira, Slack, Datadog, GitHub, and Splunk integrate with BugSnag, allowing engineers to track and monitor errors easily.

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Yelp switched from Crashlytics to BugSnag and achieved a 99.98% mobile app stability target
"BugSnag makes it easy to receive an alert whenever something goes wrong, and is extremely quick. Alerts allow triage to occur without delay, and BugSnag has no negative impact on app starts. BugSnag’s error libraries are completely open source, which allows us to actually look at the code."

Antonio Niñirola

Engineering Manager

The company initially used an internally developed tool, but quickly realized it was difficult to maintain and wasn’t worth the investment. Yelp switched to Crashlytics and encountered challenges which led them to explore other tools.

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Track errors and solution workflow

  • Keep your inbox organized and actionable by ignoring errors caused by bots, and snoozing errors of low priority until they become severe
  • Quickly assign tasks and stay focused on specific areas of code
  • Track errors from a specific release or errors that occur in a specific part of the application such as the checkout section of your app
Improve your workflow
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Identify app crashes quickly and efficiently

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Track the actions leading to an error

BugSnag mobile crash reporting makes it easy for developers to quickly identify the source of an error and fix bugs by capturing the stacktrace. Save time and easily reproduce an error by viewing automatic breadcrumbs.

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Make data-driven decisions about your mobile apps

Protect your bottom line and make sure your app stays online. Set target stability and critical stability levels to receive alerts on app performance.

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Build in-depth crash reports with robust search and segmentation

Mobile developers love using BugSnag mobile app crash reporting because the search and segmentation functionality is infinitely customizable and intuitive.

  • Group errors by customer segments such as checking to see which errors impact your VIP customers
  • Search based on the environment where the app is running. You can  isolate the crashes that occur among users operating under a specific OS version
  • Bookmark your customized searches, and easily return to them at any time
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