The Dropbox mobile team aims for three nines of user availability with BugSnag

BugSnag enables the Dropbox mobile team to monitor release stability and address errors with speed and precision.
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Over 6,000 of the world's best engineering teams use BugSnag to build better software


Mercado Libre grows mobile market share by 50% while achieving a 99.93% stability score


Yelp achieves 99.99% stability target using BugSnag to improve mobile app stability


Lyft ship new product features 40% faster utilizing two-way sync integrations 

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Drive business growth in any industry by improving application stability

Companies like Square, Lyft, Yelp, and Slack trust BugSnag to monitor errors for their B2B and B2C applications.

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iOS, Android

Lyft utilizes BugSnag’s two-way sync integrations to ship new product features 40% faster

“Bugsnag has great functionality to sort and group all crashes, so we’re able to know which are the most impactful issues.”

Billy Pham, Technical Program Manager, Lyft

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Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Android

Shopify uses BugSnag across 30 developer teams to service over 377,000 online stores

“Overall, Bugsnag has helped me become more confident in the code I ship, which in turn helps me ship faster.”

Blake Mesdag, Senior Developer, CI Infrastructure, Shopify

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React Native

Chime reduces crash rate by monitoring with BugSnag

“It’s a great tool for delivering a better customer experience, making the app more stable, and taking pride in your application as an engineer.”

Software Engineer, Chime

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React Native

Error Monitoring at Zynga: From Development to Production

“We use JIRA, and Bugsnag does a phenomenal job of integrating with any sort of bug tracking and a bunch of different services.”

Leo Schnee, Software Engineering Manager, Zynga

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Android, iOS, Web

Doximity achieves 99.99% stability score with BugSnag

“Tracking releases is one of my primary responsibilities—to make sure releases go out on time and are stable—so the Releases dashboard is one of my favorite features in Bugsnag.”

Matt Rea, Android Engineering Manager, Doximity

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Eventbrite benefits from BugSnag diagnostics over logging tools

“Now I can be confident that everything is going into Bugsnag. We get such granular data that I know I can go in there and find errors that are impactful.”

Senna Bala, QA Engineering Manager, Eventbrite

6,000+ customers

proactively address errors with BugSnag

80,000+ projects

across mobile, web, desktop, and server

500 million errors

captured and processed every day

Engineering leaders from Square, Pandora, and Within share why BugSnag stability management is an essential part of their development cycle.

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MongoDB Compass uses BugSnag to maintain application stability

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Trusted by the world's best engineering teams

“BugSnag makes it easy to receive an alert whenever something goes wrong, and is extremely quick.”

Antonio Niñirola

Engineering Manager

"We use BugSnag because we know how to use it, and we trust it, which is most important. We can trust that what we see is what is happening.”

Nahuel Barrios

Engineering Manager

"Square uses BugSnag for error monitoring throughout the whole release process."

Pierre-Yves Ricau

Android Tech Lead, Square

“BugSnag has been a vital addition to our app stability toolkit. It’s intuitive and easy to navigate.”

Kunal Chowdhry

Lead Software Engineer, WB Games

“The benefit of arbitrary metadata and the ability to do things like breadcrumbs for us has been essential.”

Matt Robinson

iOS Engineer, Strava

“I can’t overstate how important it is for us to have this crash data, and to have it as quickly as we have it, to have it as real-time as we have it.”

Jordan Golinkoff

Sr. Data Scientist, Pandora

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Engineers love using BugSnag