“BugSnag [Real User Monitoring] gives valuable insight into the real-world performance of Concepts, an award-winning app used by millions of creative people worldwide, across the many devices and platforms we support. Ensuring that our app is fluid and responsive is important to our customers and this is a powerful tool to help deliver on that promise.”

David Brittain, CEO, TopHatch


Monitor key metrics over time to identify poor performance


Control data costs with dynamic sampling and OTel compatibility


Gain real-time visibility into how end-users interact with your code


Improve end user experiences by sorting out what matters to your users

Don’t let your users rage quit after a frustrating experience – use real-time data to quickly find and fix problems.
apply filters to segment performance data by selecting the device manufacturer, model, and OS version

Zero-in on slow performance

Identify performance outliers with search and segment. Use our search builder to monitor performance in crucial areas of your app and segment your user performance data based on development priorities.

Sort and filter spans by multiple attributes in your table view. Drill down into specific instances in a single click to see the full trace and gain insights into what’s causing slow performance.

Build a segment with the release filter set to latest and os_version:android_12

dropdown with checkboxes besides browser names to compare their performance

Get deeper insights with performance comparisons

Need to go beyond search and segmentation? Use the new performance comparison tool to highlight the performance of a span across segments. By configuring multiple filtersets, you can access a deeper layer of granularity of your app’s performance.

Whether it’s comparing performance metrics of your last few releases, or comparing performance between browsers, OS versions, or device type, the performance comparison tool allows you to identify key areas of improvement and streamline your workflow.

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performance monitoring screens

24/7 Monitoring of your most vital metrics

Keep tabs on the most important functions of your app where your users expect high performance. Our performance dashboard has dedicated tabs for operations like app starts, screen and page loads, and network requests so you can proactively identify slow performance before your team is overwhelmed with user complaints. Monitor any operation in your app by adding custom spans so your whole app is covered.

Pinpoint issues and leverage user metadata like OS versions, browser version, and release so you can determine if an issue is widespread or only impacting a segment of your userbase.

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timeline view of duration and volume

Observe performance trends with timeline views of action duration and volume

Make it easier for you and your team to identify trends and spot performance issues. Examine trends of key performance metrics like web vitals and user action latency over time with our interactive timeline view that features up to 30 days of user performance data.

Click and drag on the timeline to zoom in on metric spikes for more granular analysis and additional context behind an issue.

summary and distribution views

View a distribution summary of specific user actions across five different percentiles

Your users depend on your app’s performance. Meet your SLAs by comparing action or performance metrics to diagnose which are meeting performance goals and which are falling behind.

Select from five different percentiles to get a complete view of a user action's performance metric. See a visual representation of the performance distribution to get an intuitive feel for what your userbase is experiencing.

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Increase insights without increasing costs

Control your telemetry data and only pay for the insights you need.
usage insights view

Consistent daily insights into user experience with built-in dynamic sampling

Never lose sight of your users’ digital experiences. Maintain steady levels of insight into vital performance metrics to stay one step ahead of slow app performance.

BugSnag dynamically samples your spans so you automatically meet your daily quota. Our plans are designed to deliver everything you pay for without exceeding your quota due to unpredictable spikes.

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OpenTelemetry compatibility and auto-instrumentation to save you time and telemetry data costs

To receive real user monitoring insights, you need telemetry data. We know storing telemetry data is expensive. Instrumenting and maintaining it can be even more so.

Our Performance SDK is designed to ingest your telemetry data and get you up and running in minutes. Install just a single line of code to auto-instrument your data and start sending in spans instantly. Manual instrumentation is also available if DIY is more your thing.

Discover how BugSnag works with OpenTelemetry

Built for developers, by developers

Gain full front-end visibility into your code through an intuitive UI designed for quick analysis with the ability to drill down specific performance traces.
four different spans

Customize your dashboard by selecting your most popular screens, page loads, and more

Star your most popular app screens, page loads, and network requests to have them at the top of your dashboard. No more digging to get to the issues that matter most to your users or your application.

Add unlimited custom spans to personalize your insights to your section of the codebase. Spot a performance issue and be armed with the right data to address the root cause.

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timeline view

Get context behind specific user actions with waterfall views of performance traces

Don’t just identify areas of slow performance. Collect actionable metadata for additional insights to speed up MTTR.

Breakdown performance traces into digestible waterfall views of parent spans and their nested child spans in a single click. Establish not just what went wrong, but where, why, and how - with the metadata required to fix it.

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Tailored multi-platform support for measuring performance on mobile devices and browsers

Optimize your application based on real-time user actions, and make data-driven decisions with confidence to improve users’ digital experiences.
all screens view

Confidently improve performance across your mobile app with real user data

In 2025, the number of mobile users worldwide is projected to reach 7.49 billion. As a result, organizations are placing greater value on users’ digital experiences – meaning development teams must constantly monitor real-user interactions with their applications in production.

BugSnag’s 24/7 real-user monitoring provides dev teams with visibility into critical performance metrics like hot and cold app starts, network requests, screen-load time and more. You can proactively address slow performance issues before it’s too late, and add custom spans to get further insight into which actions are vital to your mobile app’s performance.

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full page loads screen

Provide high-quality user experiences for your browser-based apps

It's not all about mobile apps. Ensure your browser apps are meeting user expectations by monitoring key performance metrics over time with real user performance data.

Monitor full page loads, route changes, network request spans, and custom spans to observe trends within your application. Oversee the three core web vitals to compare against Google benchmarks to improve search rankings and provide a better user experience for your site visitors.

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