January 24, 2014

JavaScript Error Monitoring Leaves Beta

We’re excited to announce that our JavaScript error monitoring is leaving beta today with our 2.0 release!

If you add bugsnag.js to your site, we can now automatically catch every error in every browser and show it to your Bugsnag dashboard!

<script src="//d2wy8f7a9ursnm.cloudfront.net/bugsnag-2.min.js"

Near-Perfect Error Grouping

Errors of the same type are grouped together no matter which browser they occurred in, helping you prioritize and fix errors must faster. We even group errors correctly if you are minifying your js or using cache-busting techniques!

Improved Debugging Data

If an error occurs due to a button click, AJAX request, or any other browser event, we’ll now show this information in error reports on your browser dashboard. No more guessing what your users were doing when an error occurred!

Source Code Snippets

We’ll now automatically show you the exact line of code that crashed, directly in your dashboard. No complicated source maps setup required.

Browser Targeting

Many companies (including Google) choose to target only modern browsers when developing their apps. We now allow you to ignore errors from old browsers to help you focus on the crashes you care about.

We’d Love Your Feedback

You can find out more about the new release in the documentation on GitHub.

Install bugsnag.js on your site and let us know what you think! Get in contact with us via email or on twitter.

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