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March 23, 2017

Using SAML and OneLogin to enable team bug fixing

Bugsnag is about identifying, alerting, and collecting every spec of meaningful data about errors that occur in your projects. But beyond that, Bugsnag has a greater mission, to facilitate a process to actually fix those errors. To actually fix errors, the important elements are truly the individuals, and the team as a whole. Integrations are a key component of this idea. From issue trackers, to chat tools, and code repository linkage, we have strived to make development process, and bug fixing process simpler, more enjoyable, and more productive. Which is why we are excited to announce full support for SAML 2.0 and our partner at OneLogin.

SAML support makes it easy to onboard your entire team, and seamlessly control who gets access and at what level. With team wide access to Bugsnag, the actual process of getting errors fixed, becomes more streamlined. For example:

Assign errors to team members to quickly investigate and triage.

Assign Collaborator

Chat about an error in Bugsnag, to track progress.

In app Collaboration

Know who has snoozed an error, or marked it as fixed.

Snooze Ignore

It is easy to get started with SAML in just a few steps, and if you’re new to OneLogin check out how to get started with a free trial here.

New to Bugsnag all together? Check out how we can help you fix bugs by starting a free trial.

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