September 3, 2014

Slack is BugSnag’s Most Popular Integration

As many of you know, BugSnag integrates with Slack, a powerful team communication tool that keeps everything in one place, fully searchable, across multiple devices. With this integration, crashes in your applications that are automatically detected by BugSnag will immediately be sent to your development team’s Slack channel.

Even more interesting has been Slack’s tremendous growth, first tweeted about by investor Marc Andreessen earlier this month. In fact, it’s become one of the fastest growing SaaS applications ever.

Slack's Unprecedented Growth

We’ve even seen this exciting trend here at BugSnag. Since we released the Slack integration for BugSnag back in October 2013, it’s quickly risen to become our most widely used plug-in.

Take a look at this chart highlighting its usage since October 2013:

Bugsnag Slack Integration Usage

How can we explain this steep, steady growth? Well, BugSnag integrates with Slack in a way that’s useful to product teams. Without disrupting their existing team communication and workflow, they can receive error notifications directly within any Slack channel they choose. This means they can confidently stay on track with projects because they know they’ll be alerted to any issues detected by BugSnag.

That’s why BugSnag users jumped at the chance to use it within their new favorite communication tool. And new Slack users who’d been searching for the perfect error monitoring system found the ideal solution in the BugSnag integration, all wired up and ready to go within Slack.

We recommend checking out this integration if you haven’t already. It’s easy to set up in your dashboard.

  • Go to Notifications in the Settings of your BugSnag dashboard.
  • Select Slack.
  • Enter your Slack login details.

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