Control crashes.
Control the game.

Game development moves fast, so focusing on the right errors is essential. Spend less time debugging and more time innovating with BugSnag.
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Find and fix the most impactful bugs first

Your superfans are a major source of revenue and the players most impacted by crashes. With BugSnag, it’s easy to target, prioritize, and fix the exact errors that impact your VIPs, or any custom user group, to ensure no one’s gaming experience is interrupted.

Zynga uses BugSnag’s "smart views" feature to prioritize the exact bugs affecting users who account for 99% of its total annual revenue.

Instantly identify crashes from 3rd party SDKs

Customized error views with complete diagnostics – a readable stack trace, breadcrumbs and metadata - allow developers to quickly deduce when a crash is caused by a third-party ad SDK. Engineering teams save enormous amounts of time and effort hunting down the culprit.
By distinguishing between internal code crashes and external sources, developers gain immediate visibility into the issue and can triage it appropriately.  

"BugSnag has been a vital addition to our app stability toolkit. The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, while the integrations allow for a good amount of visibility. Our engagement with the support team has always been pleasant. Their staff seems well researched and will appropriately escalate issues to accommodate quick turnarounds."

Kunal Chowdhry, Lead Software Engineer, WB Games

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Speed the release of new features and game modes to keep users engaged

Drive progressive delivery to deploy code changes quickly while managing risks and keeping the gaming experience front and center.

  • Release new features with confidence by monitoring the stability of A/B tests or experiments
  • Phase the rollout of new releases by granting VIPs early-access and stamp out critical bugs before GA
  • Make data-driven decisions about new releases from pre-production to production with continuous stability monitoring
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Empower your engineers with Stability Management
(It’s like “god mode” for development teams.)

Provide actionable insights with crash reporting

With BugSnag, developers have complete visibility into crashes with detailed error reports and precise data. Every error can be investigated with ease and fixed with speed and precision. 

  • Balance roadmap velocity with technical debt
  • Automatic error grouping by root cause
  • End-to-end diagnostics
  • Fully-readable stack traces and breadcrumbs
  • Environment data
  • Automatic ANR and OOM detection

Drive efficiency and code ownership in multi-team apps

Want to increase developer productivity? BugSnag reduces the time needed to find and fix errors, and error notifications are reserved for only the most urgent matters. The Alerting and Workflow Engine helps prioritize errors and minimize noise, which enables developers to:

  • Fine-tune alerts to make them actionable
  • Leverage alerts to drive code ownership
  • Focus notifications for decision making purposes

Game development platforms and integrations

BugSnag is compatible with over 50 platforms, including Android, iOS, React Native, Cocos2d-x, Unity and Unreal Engine.

Connect and share information across alert, chat, data forwarding, issues tracking, SSO, and source control tools with BugSnag’s secure integrations. Issue trackers like Jira are set up with a two-way sync to update both systems automatically.